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Food Safety and Packaging - BRC-IOP

The British Retail Consortium (BRC) and the Institute of Packaging (IOP) together in consultation with a wide variety of retailers, food producers, trade associations and packaging companies have created a global food packaging standard which can be applied by manufacturers and converters of packaging used by the food industry. Originally developed in the UK, the standard is third party audited and acknowledged globally. It’s scope has recently been expanded to include medical, pharmaceutical and consumer goods packaging manufacturers.

The objective of the Global Packaging Standard is to establish conformity with management procedures and factory standards to be used by manufacturers of packaging and packaging material, domestically or imported directly via distributors or 3rd party agents.

It provides best practices in packaging material manufacturing and auditing, underpins ‘due diligence’ to users and sets quality and hygiene standards and takes the manufacturers to new heights. It encompasses all problem areas within packaging production. Retailers will require their contract packers to ensure all of their packaging manufacturers are certified and requires them to ensure that their suppliers are also up to an adequate standard. This “cascade” effect will ensure all packaging manufacturers, converters and suppliers have the same standard.

The Standard is divided into two Categories, in consideration of the product supplied

Category 1 - High Hygiene: 
Packaging that comes in direct contact with high-risk products
Category 2 - Basic Hygiene:
Packaging that comes in indirect contact with high-risk products; packaging for consumer products; packaging for secondary and tertiary uses

The Standard is based on both pre-requisites and risk assessment, it is prescriptive in many areas, specifies control of hygiene in every aspect of a production unit. The standard ensures consistent adherence to a specification. Defines and Covers high and low risk areas.

It helps in consumer protection by providing a common basis for auditing retailers, filling operations, printer-converters and packaging material suppliers.

Our products made on  BRC-IOP certified lines: CyberXL Pac, Cyber Propac, Carte Lumina, Safire Graphik, Indobev and Indobarr.