ITC Paperboards and Specialty Papers Division - WWF related ITC Initiatives

WWF related ITC Initiatives

WWF launched Check Your Paper, a global database of eco-rated papers at PaperWorld in Frankfurt . Check Your Paper helps paper buyers find products with the lowest environmental impact including forest, water and climate performance. The fibre in all papers featured on the audited list must come from known, legal sources. As of today, Check Your Paper includes about 100 paper products with “good” or “excellent” environmental score. Next step is to invite more manufactures to join and also to promote the tool among paper buyers.

ITC Paperboards and Specialty Papers Division is the only Indian paperboard manufacturer to publish it's scores on WWF - CYP.

ITC PSPD has evaluated it's recycled boards, Coated Board Grey Back and Coated Board White Back and the scores are available in the database, the link for which is: “”.

WWF-GFTN: The Global Forest & Trade Network is a WWF initiative to eliminate illegal logging and improve the management of valuable and threatened forests, while encouraging sustainable forest management practices and minimizing the forest footprint of industries trading in or procuring forest goods.

ITC’s Paperboards and Specialty Papers business, a pioneer in ECF technology and ozone-bleached pulp in India is now a member of WWF GFTN (World Wide Fund for nature – The Global Forest & Trade Network), since July 1, 2009. WWF-GFTN’s Principles is a part of ITC PSPD’s fiber sourcing policy.

Please contact us at for more details.

EPCI : EPCI (Environmental Paper Company Index) is an initiative by WWF where it evaluates the ecological footprint of pulp and paper companies across the world, to drive the industry towards a sustainable future. This year through EPCI 2013 WWF recognizes the leadership in transparency of 25 of the world´s most important pulp and paper manufacturers. These 25 companies combined produce 14 per cent of the world´s paper and board and 14 per cent of the world´s pulp.


ITC Paperboards & Specialty Papers Division participated in EPCI 2013 in 3 categories thereby making one more effort in their multi dimensional sustainability initiatives. The EPCI measure will aid ITC's efforts at enriching the country's environmental capital while generating significant sustainable livelihood opportunities. 
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