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Wealth Out of Waste

ITC PSPD’s commitment to the environment goes beyond the technology and processes we employ. The Wealth out of waste programme is our initiative to take issues like efficient waste management, source segregation of waste and recycling to households, schools and corporate bodies.


Out of 35,000 MT of garbage generated in Indian metros, it is estimated that about 30% is recyclable, comprising paper, plastics, metal and glass. Recycling has emerged as the only viable solution to meet the challenge of disposing waste in an eco-friendly way. This can enable the overall load on landfills to be reduced to 10,500 Tons per day in Indian metros by simple steps taken by all the responsible citizens for source segregation of recyclables. To inculcate the habit of source segregation and recycling among school children, housewives and general public as well as industries and business enterprises, ITC has initiated a program called WOW – Wealth Out of Waste.  While shouldering the responsibility of collecting dry waste, ITC takes up recycling of paper while plastics are given to the respective industries. Taking us closer to the dream of a cleaner and greener tomorrow.


ITC launched its Wealth out of Waste programme to discourage recyclable waste from going into landfills or getting burnt which pollutes the environment. WOW is designed to manage waste from individual households and civic bodies. As per a study conducted by ITC, on an average an Indian city generates around 2,500 tonnes of waste every day. Since there is hardly any recycling, the waste is used as a landfill, causing large scale air and water pollution.



Today, the WOW movement has spread  across Hyderabad, Bhadrachalam, Chennai, Bangalore, Cochin, Coimbatore and Madurai, enjoying the support of over 3 million citizens; 500,000 school children, 350 corporates, more than 1,000 commercial establishments and around 200 industries.    Plans are underway to extend the program to other cities and major towns and draw more people within its embrace.The collection of recyclable waste paper during 2013-14 by WOW was 26000 MT.



ITC’s initiative to create sustainable livelihood for Rag pickers and Paura Karmikas

On the occasion of the 3rd anniversary of national Recycling Day (1st July), ITC Limited with the support of BBMP is launching a novel pilot program in ten selected wards of Bengaluru, to Create Sustainable Livelihoods for Rag pickers and Waste Collectors by propagating Source Segregation at all levels of society and facilitate effective collection mechanism and recycle maximum dry waste.


The pilot program also encompasses collection of post consumer FMCG waste, which is littering the city, to ensure eco-friendly end-use and in the process making Bengaluru Clean and Green.



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