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Jun 12 2012

CII – Greenco


With number of businesses going green on the rise and several initiatives on different areas evokes a spark in an individual’s mind on “How Green is the Company”. A clear holistic mechanism is presently not available for evaluating the performance of companies on the ecological front. Against this background, CII, through an extensive stakeholder consultation and interaction with experts have developed the ‘Greenco rating’ system for evaluating the ‘greenness of companies’. The Green Rating System will act as a milestone for companies pursuing green to assess where they stand

and help in defining the path forward.


The Green Rating System for Companies advocates a performance based approach. It aims to provide leadership and guidance to businesses on how to implement green strategies. These strategies are designed based on an iterative and consultative process that includes building partnerships with stakeholders and employing their cumulative knowledge and experience to address issues related to ecological sustainability. The rating system employs a holistic approach, wherein, it not only advises businesses on strategy and actions required but also provides mechanisms to quantify the impact of such actions and make course corrections if required.


The rating system evaluates green features for companies against the following performance parameters:


Energy Efficiency

Water Conservation

Renewable Energy

Greenhouse Gas Emission

Waste Management

Material Conservation, Recycling and Recyclability

Green Supply Chain

Product Stewardship

Life Cycle Analysis

Other Areas (Ventilation, Surroundings, Site Selection & Innovation)

The threshold criteria for certification levels are as following:


Criteria and Weightages and Level Points Greenco Rating


Level 1: 350 – 449 points Certified

Level 2:450 – 549 points Bronze

Level 3:550 – 649 Points Silver

Level 4:650 – 749 Points Gold

Level 5: > 750 points Platinum

 “ITC Ltd- Paperboards & Specialty Papers Division, Bhadrachalam Unit” is being certified a “GreenCo Gold” company. ITC-PSPD, Bhadrachalam Unit has also achieved the distinction of becoming the First Pulp & Paper Company to be certified under the GreenCo Rating”

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