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ITC commits to scaling up Wellbeing out of Waste programme

Jun 05 2018

ITC Ltd is committed to scale up its solid waste management programmes and sustain its leadership position as a Solid Waste Recycling Positive Company. ITC's initiatives in solid waste management of which plastic waste management is a significant component, aim at providing a 360-degree solutions framework to address the critical issue of waste management through packaging optimization, resource conservation, recycling of over 99 per cent of waste generated in its operations, source segregation, collection, reuse and recycling. 

Commenting on the initiatives, Sanjiv Puri, Managing Director of ITC Ltd, said, "The problem of solid waste management is one of epic proportions and requires each organ of the society and more so, enterprises that are large economic organs of the society, to make a meaningful contribution towards this in line with the Hon'ble Prime Minister's path breaking initiative of Swachh Bharat. We in ITC are extremely committed through our initiative of Wellbeing out of Waste (WOW), which seeks to evolve a sustainable and a scalable solution to segregate, collect and promote, reuse or recycle solid waste. The benefits of these are already available to 77 lakh citizens of the country and over time, we are going to scale this up and enhance our contribution to the Hon'ble Prime Minister's Vision of Swachh Bharat." ITC has also focused on optimising its packaging to ensure that the environmental impact of post-consumer waste is minimised without affecting the product integrity.
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