ITC Paperboards and Specialty Papers Division - Innovations
Over the years we have developed several new products and variants to meet specific industry & customer needs. This has resulted in an enriched range of products offering superior solutions to a wide cross-section of customers.


FiloPack is designed for the growing food serving & delivery market as a replacement to single use plastics that offers exceptional water, oil & grease resistance. FiloPack comes with a Kit value of 14 & is heat sealable making it ideal for food packaging and takeaway.

FiloServe is designed for food serving applications likes plates & trays as a replacement to single use plastics.
FiloServe is available for the following variants
Dry & Greasy foods,
      Wet & Oily foods.

 FiloSeries is certified Recyclability from CPPRI
(Central Pulp & Paper Research Institute)

FiloBev is developed for serving beverages replacing single use non recyclable plastics and LDPE coated cups. It is an odour free cup for hygienic dispensing of beverages.

 Biodegradable Barrier Boards
Bio Polymer boards offer barrier properties like water resistance and heat sealability. The barrier coating can be either bio based or synthetic based. 

A two-side coated, super-calendered art board especially suited for digital printing. It offers superior colour reproduction and high stiffness.
Specially designed to cater to the requirement of takeaway packaging in QSRs. Perfect substitute for plastic containers.
Metallized paperboard for a dazzling mirror finish.
A 100% food grade FBB with special embedded colour coatings. It easily replaces the need for solid colour printing on board. 
Perma White
A paper developed for archival needs. Built into this paper is an age defying agent that retains the paper's natural shade without any change.
A 100% food grade product that is oil and grease resistant with easy release properties. It is ovenable and microwaveable.  
  " I like to see that I am making a difference in the quality of life on the production line, the quality of the product, the satisfaction of the customer and the environment. There is nothing more gratifying than coming up with an idea and seeing that idea in place and working. "
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