ITC Paperboards and Specialty Papers Division - Paper Mart's Top Paper Companies in India 2017

Paper Mart's Top Paper Companies in India 2017

Oct 01 2017

Paper Mart Magazine’s biennial survey, Top Paper Companies in India, takes into account all major operating paper companies in India.

The rankings are separately done on parameters such as Production Capacity, Actual Production, and Turnover. In addition to the three ranking lists on these parameters, a final ranking list of ‘Top Paper Companies in India’ is prepared by averaging the rankings obtained on these three parameters. ITC PSPD has topped the overall rankings for 2017, as well as individual rankings for Turnover and Actual Production.

Apart from the above, other parameters such as CSR, water & energy consumption, exports, etc. are also included, to highlight the all-round and qualitative development of the companies. The Survey highlighted ITC PSPD’s efforts in CSR initiatives, Well-being Out of Waste (WOW) program, Social Forestry, Water & Energy Conservation, National Green Highways Mission, New product launches, etc.

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