ITC Paperboards and Specialty Papers Division - Well-being Out of Waste

Well-being Out of Waste



"Wealth Out of Waste (WOW)", a recycling programme initiated in April 2007 by the Paperboards & Specialty Papers business of ITC, has evolved into a corporate level program with scope enhanced to "Well-being Out of Waste" focused on creating scalable solutions for spreading awareness about recycling, encouraging people to segregate & dispose waste responsibly and creating sustainable livelihoods for people working as rag pickers.

As part of ITC's ongoing efforts towards maximising value capture from post-consumer waste, a pilot project on recycled compact boards made out of packaging waste has led to the development of school furniture which have been deployed in schools supported by ITC. Applications for these boards within ITC facilities are also being explored. In addition, studies are being carried out to explore viability of converting waste plastic to fuel.


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