Book Chain Project

The Book Chain Project gives publishers the complete story of what goes into making their books. It handles the following three topics:

  1. Responsible Forest Sourcing
  2. Chemical Safety
  3. Labour and Environmental Standards

The Book Chain Project is a joint initiative that involves more than twenty leading global publishers. These companies came together to develop their understanding of responsible paper supply chains. The group is supported by a database which holds technical specifications and details of the pulps and forest sources of the papers they use. It also holds data on COemissions and water usage at the paper mill level.

Based on the forest source information, each paper is awarded a grade of 1, 3, or 5 stars using the Grading System. This considers the country of origin of the wood fibre and how the forest sources have been managed.
ITC PSPD’s following products are listed and graded in the Book Chain Project’s database.
  • Bible Printing
  • Carte Lumina
  • Cyber XLPac
  • HiBrite Paper
  • HiZine Paper
  • Safire Graphik
  • PearlXL Pac
  • Opus Card
  • Carte Persona
  • Superfine Printing

For full details of the grading process and list of participating companies, click here.